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What is ROAR AR

Augmented Reality Content Management platform that overlays real world objects with digitally immersive information. With ROAR you can augment real world with videos, sound, 2d and 3d graphic models, animations, gamification and much more.


ROAR is built to enable the creation of AR for small and large enterprise in a simple automated way.

Increased revenue from users

Reduced operational costs

Acquiring new users

Improving your customer retention

Use Cases

ROAR for Retail and Brands

  • Create innovative, immersive digital Augmented Reality content cost efficiently.
  • Scale digital AR content using ROAR and engage your consumers in a more innovative way
  • Build many AR experiences and publish multiple times across different platforms and channels without relying on technical skills
  • Track the user engagement analytics to derive valuable insights for your business
Create AR

Create AR Content and Experience in just 3 Steps within 3 minutes

1. Create

Create and Edit the Marker (image) to Augment

2. Publish

Publish ROAR - Simply Publish the AR experience across all the platforms - iOS, Android and Web

3. View

View ROAR - Use ROAR Scanner to view the AR experience

Create AR Now

ROAR Types

Image Markers

  • Use AR-markers to create visual cues which will trigger the display of the augmented digital information.
  • Leverage normal images or small objects and train so that they can be recognized later in the camera stream.
  • Support both Android and IOS
  • Create AR marker once and change digital AR content multiple times.
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Image Markers

ROAR by the Numbers

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