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ROAR is bringing new cutting-edge technologies to the next level! The team has been working on implementation of Apple’s ARKit or Google’s ARCore technologies into its AR platform, thus extending the boundaries of Augmented Reality.

SLAM, simultaneous localization and mapping, is another technology that is becoming increasingly important within AR community. Using complex computations and algorithms, it allows to build a map of unknown environment while keeping track of the user location. SLAM can provide a compelling user experience and it’s already used in self-driving cars, robotics and invasive surgery.

By providing full cycle of development and support for your projects ROAR gives an opportunity to jump into AR world.

These solutions can be integrated into your existing app or released on a separate white-label app. It’s feasible to use them in our existing ROAR AR app too.

ROAR platform allows to manage your AR content and experiences based on ARKit & ARCore technologies through best-in-class CMS with friendly UI.

If you are looking for complex AR solutions that can be used in real estate, education, retail, advertising, furniture or other industries, ROAR can help implement them for you.

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