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Leveraging augmented reality ROAR enables brands to deliver interactive and memorable experiences and drive commerce. Wondering how Augmented Reality can add value to your CPG brand? Explore the benefits that ROAR can provide for your business.

  1. Strengthen brand loyalty – Show unique features of your products to increase brand transparency (e.g. organic ingredients used, healthy diet advice, eco-friendliness, charities, etc.);
  2. Drive consumer engagement – Engage your customers with interactive games, quizzes or lotteries;
  3. Incentivize purchase – Show hot promotions and implement coupons to impact consumers’ purchasing decisions;
  4. Wow and viral promotion – Add viral video or audio to wow your customers and unlock word-of-mouth effects to increase your fans base both in social networks and in a real life;
  5. Remarketing – Consider AR as an additional channel for cross sales. Scanning a specific product customers will be able to see top selling product variants. As a result, it might contribute to incremental sales of related goods;
  6. Attract more customers to your online or brick-and-mortar stores by increasing awareness and improving brand perception through scanning of your packaged products.



ROAR augmented reality for CPG Food Package Drinks


ROAR augmented reality for CPG Food Package Drinks Beverage


ROAR augmented reality for CPG Food Package Drinks Beverage Bottle Label


ROAR augmented reality for CPG Food Package Drinks Beverage Bottle Label can


ROAR augmented reality for food delivery


ROAR augmented reality for CPG HouseHold

In-store experience

There are lots of different ways how CPG brands can advertise own products. They include TV, radio, print ads, booths, social media and more… But think about more convenient and efficient one. When shoppers are inside the store, they can get lost among dozens of different products they don’t know. To choose the right product and right brand could be a challenge. Potentially, people can search relevant information on the web. However, they will obviously need to check tons of websites and this process can be time consuming. ROAR can provide an effective solution. ROAR delivers totally new innovative in-store experience for your customers. While in store, people will simply need to scan your packaged goods (foods & drinks) through a mobile device. Instantly, they will be able to explore all benefits of your products, including discounts and coupons, healthy information, reviews, recipes and more DIRECTLY ON THE PACKAGE! ROAR enables shoppers to get interactive with the products and provides the benefit to obtain all product related information on the spot in several clicks.

Buy on-the-go

ROAR allows shoppers to order or buy products directly from home or office. If they are getting low on favorite products, all they need is to scan a food package or a beverage (even the empty one), add them into basket and order pickup or door-to-door delivery from the nearest store. This is the case when AR can build long-term cooperation and strengthen brands relationships with customers. ROAR enhances consumer experiences making the shopping process convenient and seamless.

ROAR Augmented Reality Retailers Stores

Innovate your print design

Brand managers can save time and costs by testing and playing around with product package design before printing and putting it into production. Interactive content along with 3D models and images can be used to create near-life experience for CPG companies. By placing the target image directly on the store shelf brands can see the packaging, zoom it in and out, rotate and compare with competitors products.

Brand experience

ROAR Augmented Reality Vitalfarms Logo

ROAR provided full assistance in creation of the AR experience for the ‘Vital Farms’, an organic pastured egg farm. By augmenting Vital Farms Alfresco Egg Carton, ROAR provided fans of this brand with the opportunity to scan the carton and unlock AR content as follows:

  • Watch and interact with 3D AR content
  • Get a coupon code
  • Like in Facebook
  • Win a T-shirt

Augmented Reality for CPG brands and Food & Drinks

Start augmenting your products with ROAR right now! If you have any questions, contact us today to find out how ROAR can transform your customers’ experiences.