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Augmented Reality completely transforms the way how movies can be promoted. And film studios can generate hype and buzz bringing an interactive journey to its fans.

To get a glimpse of the new movie, movie buffs can just point a mobile phone at a movie poster, city light, billboard or printed ad. Instantly, they will get more information about the movie and enjoy interactive experience.

These are just some of the features that ROAR can provide:ROAR Augmented Reality for Movies AR VR

  • Display a movie trailer directly on the poster
  • Reviews
  • Overall rating
  • Cast
  • Budget
  • Routes to nearby theaters
  • Opportunity to book and buy tickets
  • Take a photo and play with 3D characters

These opportunities exist for movies that are already at the theaters and for those that will be released soon. So film studios can maximize revenues without necessity to invest in expensive marketing programs. Companies will benefit from AR-generated hype, ‘warmed up’ audience and increased tickets sales accordingly.

What’s more, ROAR enables to localize content and as a result increase customer engagement in different countries and cities.

You can create an Augmented Reality experience for your movie within seconds. By using seamless integration ROAR can optimize time of adoption and AR content creation. Just enter the name of movie and all necessary data and content, such as a trailer, reviews, cast and more will be added automatically.