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White label

The white label app provides companies with the opportunity to benefit from functionality and features that are available in the existing ROAR app. If you need your own branded AR app, ROAR can do this within the shortest timeframe. With ROAR, as part of a white label solution, you can even create your own Augmented Reality platform including AR editor/builder and content management system (CMS). Built on native technologies such as C-Objective, Java, JavaScript and HTML5 / CSS3, ROAR enjoys the huge performance, which makes it one of the best AR platforms. Contact us today to get started!

Integration into existing productROAR augmented reality white label app

If you have an existing product (mobile app or website) and you are looking to integrate Augmented Reality technology into it, ROAR can do it for you too. Our team will integrate and provide fast adoption of Augmented Reality scanner into your existing app or release Augmented Reality builder and management system for your website and integrate it into your ecosystem.

ROAR allows to enjoy Augmented Reality bringing immersive and memorable experiences. Take advantage of ROARs capabilities now!

If you are interested in custom solutions, including turnkey projects, custom UX/UI, 3D, animation or even apps for mixed reality smart glasses, you can check it out here.