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ROAR Editor is the best-in-class tool to create your own high quality Augmented Reality experience just in a couple of clicks. It is designed for non-technical users. Whether you need it for personal use or for business, ROAR will provide you the full set of AR features that will help you test, play and deliver totally immersive user experience for your customers, partners and friends. The ROAR Editor contains all major Augmented Reality features, including video, audio, action buttons (CTA), images, text, 3D models and even additional facts for your CPG products.

Target image (marker)

ROAR target images templates-markers for augmented reality

To explore an Augmented Reality experience, users need to scan the target image (marker) through iOS or Android app. So anyone who wants to create an AR, first needs to upload the target image (marker). The marker should be unique for each AR experience.It can be any printed material (image), for example:

  • Part of the image — a logo, ad in magazine, label, part of billboard or citylight
  • Full image — page of the magazine or newspaper, CPG (foods and beverages), post card or full image of billboard

In addition, the marker can also be a static digital image, for example:

    • Image on the website
    • Static image or logo during TV advertising
    • Digital catalogs, for example .pdf or .ppt
    • Static image on DOOH

You can use ROAR Editor templates to define proper marker for your Augmented Reality experience.

3D models

ROAR ar augmented reality 3d model
The ROAR Editor brings 3D models to life. You can easily drag & drop or upload your .zip archive with elements. Then you are able to set up additional settings such as width, height, rotation and more.

Please note that your 3D content needs to be prepared in proper format. ROAR platform supports formats as follows:
*.obj – for 3D model
*.png, *.jpg and *.tga – for textures
*.mtl – with all sets

AR 3D models will visualize your architecture and 3D printing as well as differentiate your brand delivering WOW experiences.


ROAR ar augmented reality video
AR video can bring totally new user experience for your brand or business. The Editor makes it easy to use AR video content.

You can upload the video file from your hard drive or copy/paste YouTube* link. As a result, your AR video will be streamed from the cloud, playing directly on the target image.

Additionally, you can use chromakey to create high quality video AR content.

Facts for CPG

ROAR augmented reality cpg brands food drinks
ROAR platform is proud for its Facts feature that ideally fits for CPG brands (packaged food & drinks) across U.S. By using seamless integration of different third-party APIs and its aggregation on the platform, ROAR provides full capability of simply adding useful AR content to your experience. Just enter UPC code and different information including nutrition facts, reviews, pricing and nearby stores can be displayed directly on the product.

Action buttons (CTA)

ROAR ar augmented reality call to action buttons cta
Call-to-action buttons based on Augmented Reality experience can open new benefits for users. They provide ability to redirect to your website or download a mobile app. In addition, they can be used to provide your customers an opportunity to book or buy your products. Use the ROAR button templates or upload your custom buttons just in one click.


ROAR ar augmented reality images
AR images will help create deeper user experience with shadows or additional elements


ROAR create ar augmented reality reach text
ROAR Editor enables to enrich AR text with various parameters, such as size, weight, links, alignment and more


ROAR create ar augmented reality sound musicAR audio allows to create immersive sound effects and add voice or music

AR builder for ARKit and ARCore

ROAR presents Augmented Reality experiences based on Apple ARKit and Google ARCore technologies. This user-friendly Builder allows users to simply drag-and-drop their digital assets and create their own Augmented Reality experiences in a few clicks. ROAR allows you to use not only 3D models but to add digital assets such as: Videos (inc. chromakey and lumakey videos), Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, Images, Text, Audio and sure 3D models and animations.


These features make ROAR the most versatile Augmented Reality builders and editors on the market.

Create now your first AR experience based on ARKit and ARCore technologies.


ROAR is rolling out new features surrounding WebAR technologies. We now enable the creation of WebAR experiences through our online web builder. In addition, ROAR allows you to mix different digital assets, like: Images, Text and 3D models. To discover WebAR experiences users are able to view the AR content in iOS Safari browser without downloading of mobile apps.

Start to create your own WebAR experiences right away with ROAR!