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Augmented Reality brings static adverts to life. It blurs the line between offline and online advertising and creates new revenue streams. ROAR and Augmented Reality technology can transform traditional print advertisements bringing them to the new level. Agencies, brands and SMB can ‘augment’ their products and services through ROAR platform creating immersive experiences and reaching out to customers in a meaningful and authentic way.


  1. Penetration (attracting new users, launching new products or changing existing ones, deepening the properties of the brand);
  2. Increasing usage frequency of a product;
  3. Building an image (increasing brand awareness among consumers, improving brand perception among the target audience and beyond, building loyalty);
  4. Instant book & buy – Customers can book, order or buy different products or services directly from the ad, sign or billboard. This opportunity can unlock online sales and boost marketing campaigns by up to 200%*;
  5. Wow and viral effects – High-quality Augmented Reality experiences can create a viral effect that will make your products memorable and brand recognizable;
  6. Hidden message – This AR feature enables brands to send a hidden message to their customers. It could especially be valuable for tobacco or alco brands that promote their products in areas where their direct advertising can be limited.




roar augmented reality for advertising print ads dooh bill board


roar augmented reality for advertising print ads dooh citylight


roar augmented reality for sign


roar augmented reality for booth and kiosk


roar augmented reality for mobile ad


roar augmented reality for transport ad



ROAR can transform print ad campaigns into truly engaging campaigns with interactive AR experiences. Adding rich and engaging content, brands and agencies can breathe new life into printed ads and paper publications.


roar augmented reality for magazine


roar augmented reality for newspaper


roar augmented reality for FLYER and BROCHURE


roar augmented reality for Business Card


roar augmented reality for tickets


roar augmented reality for catalog

ROAR Augmented Reality Platform for Airlines and Airports AR for Magazine and AdvertisingUsing ROAR or a branded mobile app, people can explore AR content directly on the printed adverts. Reaching their audiences through interactive AR experiences brands and publishers can drive engagement and encourage consumers to take the next steps in the purchasing process.


Through its analytical and reporting system ROAR can track your customers behavior using the following metrics:

REGION roar augmented reality analytics region

Shows number of scans by location, incl. countries and cities

SCAN OF MARKERS / ADS roar augmented reality analytics scans of ad

Shows total number of scans, average interaction time for a specific AR experience

CTA CLICKS roar augmented reality analytics cta

Shows total number of clicks per specific call-to-action buttons, including buy, call, order, book, etc. Enables to calculate conversion rate from click to purchase for your products or services

AGE roar augmented reality analytics age

Provides information about customers groups

MOVEMENT roar augmented reality analytics movement

Provides deeper information about customers in real time, including visits to brick and mortar stores. Enables to analyze conversion rate for AR experience

SHARES / LIKES roar augmented reality analytics shares likes

Checks public reaction in different social media and analyzes hype and buzz around AR campaigns