Getting Started

What do I need to get started?

Following is the list of getting started requirements

  • ROAR Editor Sign Up / Sign In Completed
  • ROAR Augmented Reality Scanner Mobile App installed (IOS or Android)
  • You have your Augmented Reality (AR) Content assets
    • Target Image Marker (Target Marker) – image, brochure, picture of an item, that will serve as a trigger for AR content when scanned
    • Content for AR – video, 3d model with or without animation, image, web links to content

How do I create my Augmented Reality

Creating AR experience is simple and fast using ROAR AR Editor.

It takes few steps and literally few minutes.

If you have not created Augmented Reality content before, do not worry. This guide will provide enough instructions for you to get started!

Once you complete creating your augmented reality experience, AR content will be scannable through ROAR Augmented Reality Scanner App (download from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore)

Let’s get Started!

First, Sign Up or Sign In to ROAR Editor @ using valid email id and password combination.

ROAR Editor

Once signed in, click CREATE AR to access ROAR Editor to create stunning AR experiences without requiring any technical skills. Its very simple!

Pick AR Experience that is right for you!

There are 3 templates available to create AR content: 

Target Image

Used when you want to scan an item or an image to invoke digital AR content through the lens of your device. For example, brochure, card, package, poster, wall art, book page, etc.

ARKit/ ARCore

Used when you do not want to scan specific item and just want your item to appear on the scene or be placed in geo coordinates. For example, if you want AR to appear on flat surface.


Used when you prefer not to use the ROAR app for scanning and instead want to use native phone camera to trigger the AR content.

Please note that you will be scanning QR code not actual image or item when you opt in for WebAR.

Upload Marker

When you use Target Markers, these are images or objects which trigger the Augmented Reality content to appear in camera view on your mobile device when you scan them with ROAR Augmented Reality Scanner App

For best detection and tracking, Target Marker should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Rich in Detail – for example, street scene, group of people, collages and mixtures of items, and sport scenes
  • Good Contrast – for example, bright and dark regions and well-lit areas work well.
  • No Repeated Patterns – unique features and distinct graphics covering as much of the target as possible to avoid symmetry, repeated patterns, and feature-less areas.
  • Must be PNG or JPEG format
  • JPEGs must be RGB or greyscale (no CMYK)
  • Minimum 320×320 Pixes
  • Less than 2 mb in size
  • Target Marker should be unique. If your marker is not unique or is already being used, ROAR Editor will alert you.

Once you load your Target Marker, on the right panel of the Editor, locate section Target and click to open it.If it is good or above, you are good to go.

Using this section you can check the recognition quality of your marker.

  • If it is good or better, you are good to go!
  • If its lower then good, we recommend for you to improve your target marker for better recognition when scanned.

Target Markers with poor quality may result in Poor Scanning Results.

To Create Target Marker AR

Please upload your target marker and click “Use this marker” button. You will see ROAR Editor loading your image as marker. When the process completes, you will be able to start adding content to your marker.

If you use AR Kit/Core AR Option

You do not need to load the marker, you can just start using Editor Content Panel as described below

Adding Content

On the left side of the Editor, you will see Content UI Controls. Using these controls, add content to your AR experience.

Simply drag and drop the UI controls from the panel to the center of your Editor screen. For example, select Video and drag and drop it to Editing section (middle of your screen)

You can add multiple UI Controls to your marker. For example, you can add video with a link to youtube, then add social buttons and a custom button which can serve as a call to action.

For each UI Control you add, please add content using the right side of the Editor. For example, if you dragged Video control to the center of the screen, add video link or video file using the right side of the Editor.

Make your content attractive and engaging

Once you added UI Controls, spend time adjusting them on screen, keeping in mind how it appears in relation to your marker.

  • Do you want your content to be inside the borders of the marker?
  • Do you want your content to be outside the borders of the marker?

Adjust size, position on the screen, rotate content.

Select options that apply for each UI Control type. For example, for video, you can show or hide play button, select your video to auto repeat, or you can choose for your video to appear only when pointing to the marker or even camera moves away from marker.

You can find these options on the right side of the Editor.

Please note that each UI Control has it’s own corresponding section on the right side of the Editor, which allows you to edit the specific UI Control with content and various editing adjustments.

Save and Publish

Guess what? You have completed authoring and editing AR experience, and are ready to save and publish your AR.

Click Save.

When Save is clicked, AR experience will be automatically published.

If your content or marker has an error, you will receive error message which will help you troubleshoot the problem.

You are now ready to scan your AR experience with Scanner App and immerse into Augmented Reality! If you need to change your AR experience, just use “Edit” Option on a given AR Experience and it will take you back to Editing mode!

  • Exit the Editor
  • Launch ROAR Augmented Reality app on mobile device
  • Point your phone to the marker and press Scan button
  • WOW! Enjoy Augmented Reality!

AR Core and Kit AR

Follow the same steps to add content to your scene for AR Core and Kit option as you did for your Target Marker.

You do not need Image to serve as Target Marker.

When you complete your editing process, simply scan QR code that it attached to this experience or log in to your Scanner with the same Editor user id credentials and load it from your library.

Once you have AR on the screen, find flat surface and place your AR content on it.

  • Move away your phone, scene disappears.
  • Point your phone to the location of your AR scene again, and you should see your AR content.

You have placed your AR in geo coordinates and it is now there, to be scanned when you or someone else points into these coordinates with ROAR Augmented Reality Scanner app and presses Scan button.

ROAR Augmented Reality 1 Minute Video Tutorials

Below are youtube links to How to Guides for ROAR Editor and Scanner – these are One Minute video tutorials that should help you create Augmented Reality using ROAR.

ROAR Augmented Reality Editor Target Image 1 minute Video Tutorial

ROAR Augmented Reality Editor ARKit / ARCore 1 Minute Video Tutorial

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help using ROAR Editor, please contact us using Contact Us button on our website and we will be happy to help you.