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Custom AR projects

Augmented Reality presents exciting opportunities for brands and businesses to showcase their products in a new innovative way. ROAR has the flexibility and capability to perform custom AR projects for our customers’ special needs. We can conceptualize, design and build your own AR application with features customized for your business. Wondering how to stay ahead of the competition? Contact us today to start building your own customized AR projects of any difficulty.

Projects for mixed reality and smart glasses

The future is coming much faster than we think. Augmented Reality devices continue to develop toward mass adoption. ROAR experts are the ready. We can build an app for mixed reality and smart glasses experiences and provide the full set of features currently available on ROAR platform. Also, we can develop new additional features based on your specific requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity – custom app for Microsoft Hololens, Epson and other major smart glasses is just one of the options.

ROAR microsoft hololens Augmented Reality



Our design team can create high-performance 3D content including high quality complex 3D models, textures and animation


If you plan to release an AR mobile app or website with custom design, we can prepare wireframes and design UX/UI based on your requirements


Our highly experienced team can create custom websites, develop mobile apps, widgets and even applications for mixed reality and smart glasses


We are open for cooperation with large companies that have specific requirements or need a separate proprietary license for your business


Our dedicated managers will share their knowledge on how to get the best value from ROAR, including how to:

  • Create your own Augmented Reality experiences using images, 3D models, videos, etc.;
  • Create AR objects that best suit your 


Send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need more urgent support, we can offer you a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), which sets forth guaranteed amount of time devoted to you within the limited time

Deep AR experience

If you need a deeper AR experience, when various AR content depends upon another AR content, feel free to reach out to us. ROAR team will make your AR experiences memorable and immersive.

As an example of custom development we would like to share with you one of our highly sophisticated projects created for real estate event.


AR for CTBUHThis application has been specifically created in consultation with City of Jersey City for an international conference of CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) held in New York city on October 26th-30th. This AR app was specifically designed to showcase the potential development being planned in Jersey City for the next 5-10 years, but in a unique and engaging manner.

Changing skyline of Jersey City through the lens of ROAR, the app delivered an amazing Augmented Reality experience. Allowing the 3D visualization and transformation of buildings and spaces, ROAR made it possible to virtually explore the unique neighborhoods and enjoy the future architecture of Jersey City.

ROAR Augmented Reality CTBUH Jersey City


Download iOS app from the AppStore

Launch an app and point your device at a marker (target image)


Press “SCAN” button to explore Augmented Reality